Location for BarCampMontreal

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was working on finalizing a space for BarCampMontreal. Well, it’s been done; BarCampMontreal has a location!

BarCampMontreal will be held on October 21st, 2006 starting at 10:00am to 6:00pm, at Cat’s Corner. The address is 486 St. Catherine St. W, Suite 303 [Google Map].

Cat's Corner Sitting AreaCat’s Corner will be sponsoring BarCampMontreal by donating 2200 sqft of loft space along with chairs, tables, sound equipment, wireless microphones, couches, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, basically everything.

Actually, using Cat’s Corner is cheating a little bit… Because I am the founder of Cat’s Corner! Originally I didn’t want to use Cat’s Corner (like I said because I thought it was cheating; I’m strange that way), but after looking around various sub-par locations (including some of the local universities) that wanted to charge me money (in some cases several hundred dollars!) I figured using Cat’s Corner wouldn’t be bad at all.

The great thing about using my own location for an event is that I have complete control over everything. I have all the keys, I know how all the technical systems work, I know exactly where everything is, and I am answerable and accountable to no-one. It actually removes from consideration many moving parts! If you haven’t guessed, I am somebody who likes to nail things down whenever possible so that I can concentrate on the remaining variables.

It’s always nice to seemingly get something for free, but in actuality this is a true sponsorship with a definite monetary value! Why? In order to make the space available to us, I had to cancel the courses being offered that day (that took a bit of time). This means Cat’s Corner is basically taking the revenues derived from those hours and diverting that same amount of money into BarCampMontreal, giving rise to a quantifiable monetary value. But of course an event like BarCampMontreal is worth it!

  1. Zelaurent said:

    Nice place!
    I’m very interested by the BarcampMontreal, but unfortunately I’m not available on October 21st.
    I keep an eye on the RSS and I’ll participate for sure @ the next Barcamp.

  2. I am sure there will be many more BarCamps to come. :)

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