TODO List – Sept 4 2006

1. Work on the logo

I really need somebody with PhotoShop skills to work on this one. Please take a look at the logos for BarCampTdot, BarCampVancouver, and BarCampOttawa for ideas… Perhaps something with a Fleur-de-lys, or the City of Montreal logo? (Actually, forget the City of Montreal logo, it’s ugly!)

2. Translate everything to French

I have 2 volunteers ready to do this! The prototype page is up at

3. Find Donations for the Following

  • Projector and Projector Screen
  • Coffee? Bottled water? Should we be providing refreshments for a free event???
  • I wonder if we can get a donation for printed T-shirts with the BarCampMontreal logo?
  • Do we need any other equipment?

4. Email a reminder to everybody on the pre-registration list

5. Start brainstorming a list of possible presentation topics

6. Finalize Location Done!

  1. Patrick said:

    I’m not a 100% sure the fleur de lis is the best way to go but then again, what else is simple graphically and represents Montréal? Not that many choice. Anyway, here’s a first candidate:

    And a second version, with less “politically charged” colors and a more autumny feel.

  2. Patrick,

    Thank you ever so much for the help.

    I agree with you, the orange version feels more autumny/fall-y/halloween-y/late October-y. So unless you come up with something better, I’ll declare that one our logo. :-)

    And I’ll agree also that, while it might not be the best choice, I can’t think of anything better than a fleur-de-lis. Maybe a Montreal Canadiens logo? Anyway, I will leave that to more artistic souls. The BarCampQuebec guys are probably going to scream at us for stealing the fleur-de-lis. :)


  3. Wil Doane said:

    Definitely provide at least water. It’s a nominal cost (easy for someone to donate), and saves a lot of headaches.

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