I don’t have a lot of time, so just a quick point-form update here.

Our presentation coordinator and schedulator is Sylvain Carle.

Wireless networking will be provided by Pascal Charest from Ile sans fil.

The registration master is Jean-Jacques Taoko.

Ms. Laura Vizbara will be on hand as the Chief of support staff.

Alain Wong will be our t-shirt supplier.

Mr. Austin Hill is our Chief Fundraiser. Our first official sponsor is Radialpoint, and he is working on a few more sponsors.

The sponsorship monies will be used to provide a simple catered lunch and to order t-shirts.

T-shirts will be ordered the day of the event. No sense in making a bunch of random-sized shirts and wasting money and materials. The shirt will be free as long as the sponsorship monies appear.

I am planning on a simple catered lunch to be provided to the attendees free of charge, again contingent on the sponsorship monies appearing.

That’s it for now!

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  1. Very stylish! I’m trying to convince more people to participate.

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