Barcamp is in 4 days!

Garage Technology Ventures is our latest sponsor. Garage was founded by Guy Kawasaki, whose blog I read regularly. They opened a Montreal office in the Spring of this year. It’s great to have them on board, and to have them around in general. I personally feel that Montreal needs more investors who actually understand the software/high-tech field!

Regarding attendance, I am going to cap it off at 60 people. As of this writing there are 52 people registered, so it should be okay to close things off there. The simple reason is that we are providing food and t-shirts, so there cannot be an unlimited number of people coming!

An email with the final information will be going out later this week, probably Thursday.

  1. Laura Vizbara said:

    Hubert F. has his name on the presentor list, but not on the registry. Don’t forget to include him in your count!

    From what I read, we’ll also be having a journalist attenting from the Gazette. Has she tried to contact you yet? Will she need to set-up?

  2. Ha ha, Hubert should be techy enough to add himself to the wiki, but I did it for him. :)

  3. Robin said:

    Exchanged a few words with him earlier last night on IRC, he won’t be able to make it, unfortunately.

  4. OK, I removed his name from the wiki. Dunno why he doesn’t do it himself. :)

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