There is one last issue to solve before BarCampMontreal. We need a projection screen!

If anyone has a projection screen they can loan for BarCamp, please let me know.

Steve’s Music wants to charge $200 to rent us one for the weekend. Ouch! Unfortunately that will blow the budget.

If worse comes to worse, we’re stuck with projecting onto the wall, which is a light beige colour so it shouldn’t be too bad. ;-)

  1. Bosko said:

    If there is no projector we can setup an ad-hoc working group at 9AM to come up with a projection solution. In all seriousness, it’s really no big deal; Barcamp *should* feel cozy, “homey”, and approachable, unlike for many non-ad-hoc conferences, it won’t be a big deal if we have to improvise. See you on Saturday!

  2. Fred,

    I have a screen here at the office and I imagine it’s available for the week-end. Drop me a line or give me a call in the morning to remind me to check its availability.

  3. I’ll see you guys there early to help with the setup.

  4. I will also bring a small 4 port hub in case some have non wifi laptops (I got a request for that).

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