Staff your startup by only hiring swingers

In his latest blog post, Austin Hill talks about staffing your startup by only hiring swingers.

Personally I don’t understand what’s new here. I’ve only ever hired swingers at Cat’s Corner. <Channeling Seinfeld>What’s the deal?</Channeling Seinfeld>

Seriously though, when hiring someone you better make sure that your new guy’s swing is the same as the rest of your team’s swing. And what happens then? If you remember your differential equations, when the frequency of the forcing function is the same as the natural frequency of the system, you get a phenomenon known as resonance.


And resonance is a great thing to have when you’re talking about a team’s efficiency and productivity.

Stay tuned: I have a sneaking suspicion we are going to have a lot more to talk about hiring and job seeking in the next little while. :)

  1. Leave it to the bright engineer to explain it better then me :)

    Resonance is a great word for it.

  2. It makes sense. Dancers have an innate ability to organize and schedule things due to the hectic life of the dance. Add on to that, they also understand the importance of appearance while practicing it daily.

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