The Startup Lifestyle

So, it’s official. After spending over 6 years at Matrox (hey guys!), my last day was two Fridays ago. I have now committed to being in the startup world, and nothing really gets your butt in gear like resigning your job.

I have to say, though, I could really get used to being an unemployed bum.

Take today’s schedule, for example. This morning, I headed to the CUSEC conference that is in town this weekend. (Thanks John!) I took in the morning presentations, talked to a few of the local companies about possibly sponsoring BarCampMontreal and DemoCampMontreal, and just generally basked in the great feeling of being around passionate people.

Then I headed home for lunch and did some hacking. I was so deep the zone that I almost did not notice 6:30pm sneaking up on me. But I did, and so I ran out the door to attend DemoCampCUSEC1.

DemoCampCUSEC1 was absolutely amazing. The presentations just blew me away and simply reinforced my belief that Montreal has great technical talent and all we have to do is come together (Right now…). Did you know that the lead developer of ReactOS, Alex Ionescu, is a Concordia student? I sure didn’t, but I should have known. Alex’s presentation got a huge applause, by the way.

Now, I am home again, and after enjoying a nice dinner, am going to do some more hacking before going to bed. It is absolutely wonderful.

I am possibly the busiest unemployed bum ever.

So my stated goal when I started this blog was to chronicle my experiences as a startup founder. Without further ado, let’s begin.

  1. Congratulations on taking the leap! Make sure your office environment at home makes you as productive as you can be (large monitor, Ubuntu, coffee maker…)

    Don’t worry about being unemployed…just me alone, I budget $315 each year for Cat’s Corner (‘course, $308 of that goes to Air Canada… ;-)


  2. Fred said:

    Ha ha, how did you know I use Ubuntu? :)

    You’ve been to Cat’s Corner? Have we met!?

  3. Glen said:

    I had no idea you were already using Ubuntu; I just started last month (switching from Windows) and am very happy with it. Yes, twice to CC so far and I met you briefly in Toronto last September. I’m almost certain to be attending the Montreal Exchange this August, I’ll say hi again if you’re there. (Unless I can manage a barcampable presentation earlier… :)


  4. Fred said:

    Awesome! Please be sure to say hi the next time you see me. :)

    I’ve actually moved to Mac last month, which to me is the perfect mix of Unix command-line power with great usability. Despite its share of problems, I’m never going back to Windows or pure Linux!

    I still use Linux on the server side and inside a virtual machine when necessary, however.

  5. Josh said:

    Good luck on your endeavors, Fred. 2007 is the year of Projects Realized (I said so).

    It’s good to be in the zone when ideas and code just flow.

    Looking forward to reading your foray into entrepreneurial grounds,


  6. The amazing thing that happens when unemployed is that your bowling average tends to go up by around 30%. I know mine did :P!

    Here’s hopin’ that your bowling average goes up or your endeavors in entrepreneurship is super-rewarding… whichever comes first :P.

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