I totally need one of these. Basically it’s a box that holds the transformers from all of your little electronic toys and hides them away, exposing only the dongles. You just hang the box up near your front door, snap your devices in with the elastic bands, hook up the power, and they’ll be all charged up and ready for you when you leave in the morning.

From a geeky point of view, it’s sort of like how we hide information when practicing good software engineering. “I don’t care about how it’s implemented, just show me the interfaces.”

I have often thought about building a wooden box to do exactly what the Contactboxen does, but for some reason it did not occur to me to turn it into a product. Sometimes, I think the secret to entrepreneurship is just being able to act on common sense! It also reminds me that there is pain around us every day, very obvious pain, just waiting to be solved. So, open your eyes, budding entrepreneur, and go solve a problem!

Thanks to Francis of fsbrainstorm for posting about this neat contraption.

  1. This product will be quickly obsoleted by the fact that devices are starting to draw power over USB. This is a brilliant trend and one that looks like it will continue to grow.

  2. Fred said:

    I thought about that as well… But they do have wall-plug to USB transformers these days. This solves the problem with power over USB, which is that you’re required to charge your device near your computer.

    Still, I am all for standardization. Let all devices support power over USB so I can have one transformer to rule them all!

  3. Certainly it does seem like a good idea at the moment and this could be an easy DIY project too. As for wireless USB, I’m pretty much up for wireless anything :P.

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