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DemoCampMontreal2 this past Thursday was amazing. Over 100 people came out, and the presentations were just astounding. Great job to everybody who presented, volunteered, or spread the word! Let’s keep it up guys, and make BarCampMontreal2 the best yet.

Several people have written blog posts about DemoCampMontreal2, but again I really have to highlight Josh Nursing’s Report as the most comprehensive! Complete with videos of the presentations, you’ll feel like you were there.

Other wrap ups and thoughts about DemoCampMontreal2:

If you’ve written a wrap-up about DemoCampMontreal2, do let me know and I’ll send you some link love.

Evan Prodromou
Evan Prodromou
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I’d like to remind everybody that DemoCampMontreal2 will take place this Thursday, March 29th.

This DemoCamp promises to be quite exciting. Austin Hill has volunteered to be the MC, and other celebrities might be sighted on Thursday, including Patrick Lor, founder of

Another exciting development for DemoCampMontreal2 — The bar at the SAT will be open, for all of you thirsty for a drink after a hard day’s work!

I was supposed to present my Top Secret Project but unfortunately have to put off the demo… However, Anand Agarawala from Toronto will be taking my place and demoing BumpTop in what is sure to be an exciting presentation.

The scheduled demos for DemoCampMontreal2:

See everybody on Thursday! (As usual, all details are on the BarCamp Wiki.)

(For those of you who are volunteer-minded: I could use a couple of helpers so please email me at fredngo at gmail if you can come early to help out.)

Ian Graham from Ottawa writes with this speaking opportunity:

The Ottawa EBC (eBusiness cluster) is Ottawa’s primary eBusiness and eCommerce hub. If you are a senior executive working in the gaming industry in Montreal and interested in presenting at our April 18th event we would like to hear from you. Ideally you would have knowledge of the gaming industry business models and future prospects. This is a good networking opportunity and the chance to build some connections in the Ottawa area.

Please see the EBC Speaker Package and contact Ian Graham for more information:

  • Phone: 613.843.8730

In the spirit of Akoha‘s Python Wranger video, I too am going to give video recruiting a try… Many of you might not know I’m the founder of Cat’s Corner, one of the most beloved dance schools in Montreal, and we’re hiring. So here we are, a video job ad for our open Studio Manager position:

Making this video was fun and easy. Etienne from E Motion Productions came to our studio and went right to work, shooting all the raw dancing footage in about one hour. The shooting for the talking parts of the video took another two hours, for a total of about three hours of shooting time. After all the raw footage was taken, it took Etienne a total of about two days to do all the editing and voila; magic!

I was concerned at the beginning about how much effort it might take from my already overloaded staff to produce the video, but it turned out to be minimal when you have the help of a professional videographer. Besides, it was fun for everybody involved! I do hope in the video we’ve shown that we’re a fun bunch of people to work with.

I’d love to hear your comments so please comment below… and please let your friends know if you think they might be a good fit for this position.

The full job description follows (also available on the Cat’s Corner website in English and en Français).

Cat’s Corner is hiring a Studio Manager!

We are looking for candidates for the Studio Manager position which will be available in the coming weeks. This is a well paying job for which the schedule is flexible and requires about 30 hours of work a week.

Here are the qualities we are looking for in our candidates:

  • Excellent spoken French and English.
  • Excellent written French and English.
  • Extremely organized and responsible, with an attention to detail.
  • Experience in customer service is an asset.
  • Experience organizing events is an asset.
  • Available to work some evenings during the week.
  • Computer skills including Word, Excel, Illustrator, and excellent Internet research skills.

The main responsibilities are:

  • Customer service and public relations.
  • Course management.
  • Studio rentals management.
  • Studio schedule management (practices, courses, rentals, etc.).
  • Daily administrative tasks of the studio.
  • Maintenance of the studio.
  • Communication of all information to Cat’s Corner’s staff members.

If you are interested in the job, please forward us your resume and a cover letter.

Cat’s Corner
486 St. Catherine W. #303
Montreal, QC
H3B 1A6

Cat’s Corner recherche un gérant de studio

Nous sommes présentement à la recherche de candidat(e)s pour le poste de gérant(e) de studio qui sera disponible dans les semaines à venir. L’horaire est flexible, requiert environ 30 heures par semaine et est bien rémunéré.
Voici les qualités que nous recherhons chez un(e) candidat(e) :

  • Excellent français et anglais, oral et écrit.
  • Très bien organisé, responsable et minutieux.
  • De l’expérience avec le service à la clientèle est un atout.
  • De l’expérience à organiser des événements est un atout.
  • Disponible pour travailler certains soirs en semaine.
  • Possède des habilités informatiques incluant Word, Excel, et apte à faire des recherches efficaces sur l’internet.

Les principales responsabilités sont :

  • Le service à la clientèle et les relations publiques.
  • La gestion des cours à chacune des sessions.
  • La gestion des locations du studio.
  • La gestion de l’horaire du studio (pratiques, cours, locations, etc.).
  • Les tâches administratives quotidiennes du studio.
  • L’entretien du studio.
  • La communication des informations aux membres de l’équipe de Cat’s Corner.

Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par l’emploi, veuillez nous faire parvenir votre CV ainsi qu’une lettre de présentation.

Cat’s Corner
486 Ste-Catherine O. #303
Montréal, QC
H3B 1A6

As I mentioned before, our intrepid tech reporter friend Roberto Rocha, of The Montreal Gazette, has started a blog covering the Montreal Tech Scene. TechnoCité is a great initiative, and a step in the right direction for “old media”. Everybody who is interested in the Montreal Tech Scene should head over and subscribe to the TechnoCité RSS feed!

If I may be so bold as to make a couple of suggestions, they would be:

  1. A way shorter URL., for example, seems to be available.
  2. Remove the login requirement to comment. This chasm is just too wide to cross even for tech bloggers who would otherwise be happy to comment!

Roberto assures me that they are working on those issues, so that is a happy thing. I am sure there is a lot of bureaucratic red tape to cut through on his part to fix these issues so let’s all send Roberto an equal amount of our entrepreneurial red-tape-cutting energy! ;-)

The scheduling saga continues… DemoCampMontreal2 is back on the original date of Thursday March 29th. This change is again at the request of the SAT, who are having trouble nailing down their event schedule due to external factors… Anyway, I thought I’d be nice and help them achieve maximum efficiency for their space, so we’re back on March 29th.

I am sorry to bother you with this but i need to check if we can switch back to the original date for March (29). The producer that specifically asked for March 29 when i had originally offered the 28 need that date back now! I will understand if this is not feasible and it will be too bad for them but i thought i’d ask! :-/

— Email from SAT

I’ve edited the BarCamp wiki and with the revised date.

Marc Chriqui
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

DemoCampMontreal1 has come and gone smoothly, thanks to all the volunteers including John Kopanas, Simon Law, Josh Nursing, Austin Hill, Laura Vizbara, and the S.A.T. crew.

DemoCampers have been uploading their pictures to Flickr, so here’s a convenient shortcut to all the pictures tagged with democampmontreal1.

A few write-ups about DemoCampMontreal1 have popped up; and here they are:

If you’ve written a recap of DemoCampMontreal1, please let me know and I’ll put it on this list.

We’re just getting started, guys… I can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in the next few months!