DemoCampMontreal2 back on March 29th…

The scheduling saga continues… DemoCampMontreal2 is back on the original date of Thursday March 29th. This change is again at the request of the SAT, who are having trouble nailing down their event schedule due to external factors… Anyway, I thought I’d be nice and help them achieve maximum efficiency for their space, so we’re back on March 29th.

I am sorry to bother you with this but i need to check if we can switch back to the original date for March (29). The producer that specifically asked for March 29 when i had originally offered the 28 need that date back now! I will understand if this is not feasible and it will be too bad for them but i thought i’d ask! :-/

— Email from SAT

I’ve edited the BarCamp wiki and with the revised date.


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