TechnoCité Blog Lifts Off!

As I mentioned before, our intrepid tech reporter friend Roberto Rocha, of The Montreal Gazette, has started a blog covering the Montreal Tech Scene. TechnoCité is a great initiative, and a step in the right direction for “old media”. Everybody who is interested in the Montreal Tech Scene should head over and subscribe to the TechnoCité RSS feed!

If I may be so bold as to make a couple of suggestions, they would be:

  1. A way shorter URL., for example, seems to be available.
  2. Remove the login requirement to comment. This chasm is just too wide to cross even for tech bloggers who would otherwise be happy to comment!

Roberto assures me that they are working on those issues, so that is a happy thing. I am sure there is a lot of bureaucratic red tape to cut through on his part to fix these issues so let’s all send Roberto an equal amount of our entrepreneurial red-tape-cutting energy! ;-)

  1. Roberto said:

    Thanks for the mention, Fred. Point #1 is taken care of, with the much friendlier

    And after some discussion, we decided at the Gazette to drop the registration for comments. We felt it better to offer unhindered participation and risk the occasional spam/angry vulgar diatribe than nothing at all.

    We hope to see this in effect soon.

  2. does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages?

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