DemoCampMontreal2 this Thursday, March 29th.

Evan Prodromou
Evan Prodromou
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I’d like to remind everybody that DemoCampMontreal2 will take place this Thursday, March 29th.

This DemoCamp promises to be quite exciting. Austin Hill has volunteered to be the MC, and other celebrities might be sighted on Thursday, including Patrick Lor, founder of

Another exciting development for DemoCampMontreal2 — The bar at the SAT will be open, for all of you thirsty for a drink after a hard day’s work!

I was supposed to present my Top Secret Project but unfortunately have to put off the demo… However, Anand Agarawala from Toronto will be taking my place and demoing BumpTop in what is sure to be an exciting presentation.

The scheduled demos for DemoCampMontreal2:

See everybody on Thursday! (As usual, all details are on the BarCamp Wiki.)

(For those of you who are volunteer-minded: I could use a couple of helpers so please email me at fredngo at gmail if you can come early to help out.)

  1. heri said:

    can’t wait. i am going to miss sport but this looks much better than the first one

  2. Bosko said:

    Your idea to open the bar is fantastic. I’m glad I checked my feed reader today. :-)

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