Venture Capital

I’ve been researching Venture Capital lately and I’ve found a couple of good resources I’d like to share with you.

First is a very new blog called Venture Hacks. It is an “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Hacking Venture Capital”, and has some great insights into the VC process. It started on April 1st but is definitely not a joke. Highly recommended.

Second is Brad Feld‘s Term Sheet Series. It explains all the various ideas related to the term sheet, such as Drag Along, Anti-Dilution, and Pay-to-Play. There is a lot of stuff here and I’m still getting through it, but so far so good.

  1. Peter said:

    Don’t forget Paul Kedrosky’s “Infectious Greed”, . It’s not as much of a resource, but it’s interesting finance stuff from an actual VC.

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