The Unveiling —

StandoutJobs Logo

Today I am finally unveiling the new startup that I keep talking about — StandoutJobs. I am working on StandoutJobs with two incredibly rockin’ co-founders: Ben Yoskovitz and Austin Hill.

If you’ve been reading our blogs, you may have noticed that we’ve brought up recruiting issues from time to time. Unfortunately we are not yet prepared to announce more than just a landing page, but you can be assured that we are out to do no less than totally change the way recruiting is done. It’s gonna be a wild ride and I hope you’ll come with us.

Finally, I have to echo Ben’s sentiments in saying that it’s an absolute blast working with these two guys. I too have already learned a huge amount and I have never felt more challenged or inspired in years.

So whatcha waiting for? Leave us your email address at and you’ll be the first to know when things start shakin’ and bakin’.

  1. Well, I’m intrigued. I’d love to see a radical change in how job recruiting is being done but I don’t see an easy way to solve the current problems. I’m hoping you’ve found one though.

  2. Hey… wait a second. That’s not an unveiling, that’s a teaser :)

    I signed up. I hope you guys succeed!

  3. Dave Duchene said:

    Looks interesting … can’t wait to know more.

  4. Jean said:

    Looking forward to be the first case hooked up by this site. Ha. But pls revive the site first; doesn’t seem to be up now. Congrats.

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