Montreal Innovator of the Month (March 2007) — I won!

This is old news already, but it looks like I won Montreal Tech Watch’s Montreal Innovator of the Month award for March!

For my acceptance speech, I will just say that I am so happy the Montreal Tech Community is finally coming together like it’s never done before. It’s like a dream come true. This is especially true for budding entrepreneurs (like myself many months ago) who keep running into dead ends in their networking efforts—it is now easier than ever to get “plugged in”; what with all the events popping up like BarCamps, DemoCamps, Tech Entrepreneur’s Breakfasts, Web Analytics Wednesdays, and the news and community sites that are bringing people together, like Montreal Tech Watch, TechnoCite, and the Montreal Tech League.

I also have a couple of aces up my sleeve that will be played soon (all to the benefit of the Montreal Tech Community of course) so watch for them. :)

Thanks Heri. I know it’s a virtual award and all that but it was still a fun experience!

  1. Congratulations Fred,

    You are also an inspiration to those in Ottawa. All the best.

    Ian Graham

  2. Josh said:

    Well done, Fred. BarCamp and DemoCampMontreal do a lot to bring visibility to the local Tech community so it’s a well deserved virtual award.

    Thanks for the mention of the MTL too :)

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