BarCampMontreal2 this Saturday, April 28th.

BarCampMontreal Logo
BarCampMontreal2 is almost upon us! It will take place this Saturday, April 28th.

To be very honest, I’ve been intentionally keeping quiet and taking a bit of a back seat for this BarCamp. This is really kind of to force the community to pick up the ball and run with it: Afterall, the *Camp community will go nowhere if I have to constantly push it myself, right? Well, I have to say so far I’m quite impressed! As of 4pm on Thursday there are already 23 scheduled presentations and 53 registered attendees.

I have to thank several BarCampers for stepping up and doing the heavy lifting on BarCampMontreal2, including (but not limited to of course!) Simon Law, Sylvain Carle, and Laura Vizbara.

I would also like to give a big Thank You to the sponsors of this edition of BarCamp. They are:

(If you or your organization would like to sponsor this worthy initiative, we are always looking for sponsors so please get in touch with me at fredngo at gmail!)

The press is picking up this edition of BarCamp as well: Here’s a recent article by La Presse, and our own Sylvain Carle will be interviewed on CIBL radio for the show Citoyen Numérique today.

This looks like it’s going to be another great BarCamp. See you on Saturday and don’t forget to register!

Update: I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for PowerPoint Karaoke, being organized by Martin Dufort. Any other takers? (What is PowerPoint Karaoke?)

  1. Jennifer Fragman said:

    Hey Fred,

    Have a great day, I am sure that the event is going to rock!

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