WD My Book World Edition II?

Western Digital My Book World Edition II
I’m thinking about buying a Western Digital My Book World Edition II. This is basically a file server appliance with integrated RAID, just plug into your network and off you go. This is very attractive because it means I don’t have to set up a machine just to do file serving, Samba, RAID, etc.

But there are some issues holding me back.

According to the instructions (warning: pdf) you have to install special “WD Anywhere Access” software (a custom version of MioNet) in order to access data from outside your network. I don’t like this for two reasons: 1) the software is not Mac or Linux compatible, and 2) It’s not standardized; I probably cannot use my LDAP directory and will have to set up special device-specific users just for it.

I’d be happy just to have sftp access to it, actually, then I can just use Fuse or MacFuse. Does anyone know if I can simply sftp to this device, and how the user setup and such would work? Best if it can somehow talk to my LDAP directory, although this might be asking a lot.

Does anyone know of similar file server appliances, with integrated RAID, that relies on standards rather than proprietary software?

Or any recommendations on an easy way to set up what is basically a shared file server that can be accessed outside your network, without setting up a linux machine/Samba/RAID/etc?

Update: Apparently there is a Knowledge Base article on how to access the disk without using WD Anywhere Access. I’ll have to study it further.

In addition, it appears the device runs on Linux, so it’s only a matter of time before some hackers extend its functionality. Cool.

  1. Stirling Westrup said:

    Its only 1 Tb storage, before raids. Thats starting to sound kind small for a file server. I hope its easily upgradeable.

  2. Jerry Jaz said:

    Here is a fellow who offers a “kit” of a sort so you may roll your own Linux apps:


    I just got one and wonder if this is over my skill level.

  3. Michael said:

    You don’t need to use mionet/WD access anywhere.
    just use the inbuilt \\mybookworld manager, to create a share and then use windows
    to map a network drive. end of story: this is for LAN use, but most people will only want that.
    if you install ssh via the martin.hinner.info site, then you can then go on to safely install
    ldap or whatever else you wish to get external access.

  4. jimmy said:

    I have it and it sucks. GOd forbid you actually leave town and need to use your drive. The mionet system is constantly down. Bifg piece of crap…not worth it

  5. Martin said:

    This device is running a 2.6 linux kernel with a full OS install including lighttpd
    with some creativity I belive you could manipulate this device to act as a linux file server, web server, or any other varaint. In fact it would be nice to partition out some of the actual drive space and mount it to the active running linux OS and walaa a brand new linux server book

  6. Sofia said:

    I don’t have any luck, my computer is not recognizing my book..i tried also on my sisters mac book, and my laptop vista… same thing why isn’t it working? i followed the instructions. i have no problem with other external hard drives.
    very frustrating. did i miss something?

  7. Floroskop said:

    I think this try.

  8. Roy said:

    Just got home, opened the box, read the instructions and they “suggest” it IS Mac compatible, but it isn’t. So, back to Sam’s Club for a refund.

    It wasn’t recognized by my Mac running OSX 10.5 at all. Nothing showed up on my desktop.

    Also, WD website was NO help in trying to determine if you can get this to work with a Mac.

    I tried calling their help desk, but guess what, they (like doctors) don’t work on Friday afternoon.

    Ironically, I have two other WD external hard drives on the same Mac, and no problems with them. It just seems the “World” version doesn’t work through the router as advertised.

  9. Shu said:

    I am running osx 10.5.3 and it works fine. I wish I remembered how I got it working but it was a while ago. I do remembering Googling the solution – and it was easy to do. Good Luck!

  10. Otto said:

    You can login to network drive
    by typing address URL

    “Apple + K” (Open Network)

    smb://mybookworld/public (shared Public folder or …)

  11. Adam said:

    Bought a bookworld a few months ago to store photo’s. worst thing i ever bought. running vista on my laptop, try to upload files to the bookworld and it jams up at the 1 gig point. have to continuously reset and start from where i left off. a common fault as i later found out on the single drive versions. can’t tell you how much of a waste of money this is. brilliant idea, but as usual, doesn’t work.

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