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DemoCampMontreal3 has been scheduled for next Tuesday June 26th. My life has pretty much been taken over by but I’ll be there…

Note: I’m not actually instigating this particular edition of DemoCamp because I’ve been swamped by Standout Jobs lately… But I’ll be back at the organizing table soon enough! :)

Edit (Jun 22 2007) : It seems that DemoCampMontreal3 has been moved to Thursday July 26th. Actually this is not a bad idea, to make sure we have the time to get the word out and continue to draw a good crowd to the event.

Edit (Jul 5 2007): I just got word from Simon Law that the SAT has requested a change in the date, so now DemoCampMontreal3 is Tuesday July 24th.

Apparently Canadian citizens do not enjoy freedom of speech protection. An article in the Globe and Mail today explores various recent lawsuits that have been brought against Canadian bloggers, including Montreal’s Chris “Zeke” Hand. It says:

While third parties are protected from such suits in the United States by the Communications Decency Act, Canada has no such protection, he says, and that raises “a significant threat of ‘libel chill.'”

This is very concerning; I and probably many others have been living under the false impression that Freedom of Speech is an integral part of our lives… Is it all a lie? Why do we not enjoy Freedom of Speech in Canada?

Heri from Montreal Tech Watch goes into an in-depth analysis of the issue in his blog post today. This is recommended reading for any blogger.

Boxes of Equipment
Boxes of Equipment
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What a wild and wacky week. This has been the craziest week yet for Standout Jobs.

We’ve recently hired our first Ruby Guru, who started this week, and we will be bringing another Ruby Guru on board very soon. We welcomed Marc-André into our temporary offices, which turns out to be the vacant former NITI R&D centre. (Thanks Avery.)

The bootup sequence of a new office is incredibly long, even when it’s only a temporary space. We had to put in an order for an internet connection, and was informed we would have to wait all day Wednesday for the installer. We’ve also had to buy some basic office furniture and a few new machines… At least the NITI guys left us a few tables!

Without an internet connection, the office is basically useless, but since we’re receiving deliveries of furnitures and equipment, we’ve pretty much had to station someone at the office during all the daytime working hours. Marc-André and I have been tag-teaming on this… at least there is cleaning and furniture building to do while waiting!

So the Bell sales guy told me that the technician would come on Wednesday, but nobody showed up. Apparently the technical guys have a different agenda: when I called them at the end of Wednesday, they told me a technician would come on Friday instead.

Marc-André Cournoyer
Marc-André Cournoyer
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This week we’ve also brought on a sysadmin, Mohannad, and just in time too. As we’ve started to gain buzz and visitors, we’ve also started to attract the hacking underworld of the net… and Mohannad has been fighting them off. He also dealt with a nasty server problem that forced us to hard-reboot the server several times this week.

In the meantime we’ve published a few more video job ads. Check’em out!

It’s already Friday, and Ben and I are stuck in meetings all day… So it’s up to Marc-André to hold down the fort and wait for the Bell guy… Thanks Marc! ;-)

Next Monday our second Ruby Guru will be joining us, and it promises to be another exciting week. Stay tuned for the next episode of The Wild and Wacky Startup World!

Hello everyone, I am looking for an excellent part-time contract Linux Systems Administrator. This person is ideally located in Montreal, and is thoroughly familiar with adminstering various Linux-based technologies, including Apache, OpenLDAP, Bind, PHP, Subversion, Perl, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. (We are using Ubuntu specifically.) Perl or PHP programming skills would be a big plus.

If you could possibly refer me to someone you know and trust, I’d really appreciate it.