Newsflash! There is no Freedom of Speech in Canada

Apparently Canadian citizens do not enjoy freedom of speech protection. An article in the Globe and Mail today explores various recent lawsuits that have been brought against Canadian bloggers, including Montreal’s Chris “Zeke” Hand. It says:

While third parties are protected from such suits in the United States by the Communications Decency Act, Canada has no such protection, he says, and that raises “a significant threat of ‘libel chill.'”

This is very concerning; I and probably many others have been living under the false impression that Freedom of Speech is an integral part of our lives… Is it all a lie? Why do we not enjoy Freedom of Speech in Canada?

Heri from Montreal Tech Watch goes into an in-depth analysis of the issue in his blog post today. This is recommended reading for any blogger.

  1. joewall said:

    Hi Fred,

    thanks for writing that. I think we ought to do something. like sign a petition or something. i am sure as entrepreneurs we can think of a creative way to solve this issue

  2. I don’t know about the specific case at hand, but my understanding of the defense and promulgation of our fundamental rights in Canada differs markedly from the absolutist American version: here, every right is constrained against the expression of its extremes, such expression being left to the lawmakers and courts to rule upon. Freedom of speech is curtailed by libel and hate speech constraints; property use rights are limited to harmonious use within the context (can’t exploit that sulfur refining factory next to a French restaurant, say), notwithstanding clause, etc. It’s just a different way of looking at the extremes: down South they defend rights against encroachment, up here we argue and defend in favour of extension within the constraints imposed by the defense of the enjoyment of other rights.

  3. Judges are now stating that “The truth is no defence”. You can make a truthful statement and be fined, or even jailed. For example: In Toronto there is one particular nationality which is responsible for more than 90% of all gun related crimes. If you openly criticize their criminal behaviour, the Ontario Human Rights Commission will most likely fine you.
    Maybe it’s because I’m a senior citizen with weakening brain power, but I can’t comprehend why Canada has taken away our freedom of speech.

  4. I am a Canadian born senior citizen who has become terribly disturbed with the fact that our country has decided to impose communistic measures on our citizens. I strongly suspect that this removal of freedom of speech from the people of Canada, and the media, is a direct result of the numerous complaints by citizens, who feel excessive immigration from the third world has destroyed the quality of life in this country.
    Reports of Canada’s newest political prisoner “Brad Love”, being sentenced to eighteen months in prison, has many people here very upset.
    This man was not a neo-nazi, nor a white supremacist. Mr.Love was nothing more than a middle age construction worker who decided to write many letters to Canadian politicians. Mr.Love learned that “The truth is no defense” in a Canadian court of law. I have not seen this type of thing since Castro took over Cuba, and I am deeply concerned about the future of my children, and my grandchildren. The future of this country is looking very bleak, what a sad situation. Each morning I wake up hoping this is all a bad nightmare, but the truth is that maybe I’ll wake being Mr.Loves cell mate.

    Contact information for Canada’s latest political prisoner:
    Mr. Brad Love
    Political Prisoner Section
    Lindsay Super Jail 541
    Highway #36, Lindsay
    Ontario, Canada K9V 6H2

    Have a good day, and be careful what you say, John Newton

    —– Original Message —–
    From: John Newton
    To: John Newton
    Sent: Friday, January 25, 2008 4:15 PM
    Subject: Every Canadian should read this – So very important for the future of your children

    Commission become Communists?

    The Canadian Human Rights Commission

    The Communists targeted one race
    The CHRC targets only working-class Whites, whose beliefs they disagree with

    The Communists used unfair courts and tribunals while limiting any possible defence

    Not a single person has ever won a case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (over 40 cases…)

    The Communists targeted the poor
    98% of victims the CHRC attacks are poor. 90.7% of victims are so poor they are not able to even hire a lawyer to represent them.

    The Communists used all means at their disposal to silence their opponents.
    The CHRC shall “…try by persuasion, publicity or any other means that it considers appropriate to discourage and reduce discriminatory practices…”

    Section 27(h) – Canadian Human Rights Act

    The Communists used the NKVD to attack political opponents
    The CHRC has benefited from the Police raiding people’s homes for alleged “hate”. No criminal charges come but the CHRC uses the seized material against victims

    The Communists would get people fired from their employment over their beliefs

    A recent victim of the CHRC (Terry Tremaine) was fired from his position at the University of Sask. for his political beliefs.

    The Communists used street thugs to attack their enemies
    Paul Fromm, Canada ’s largest defender of CHRC victims, had his house attacked by a crazed mob of radicals and is constantly physically attacked

    Stephen Harper (Conservative Party Leader, current Prime M inister):

    “Human Rights Commissions, as they are evolving, are an attack on our fundamental freedoms and the basic existence of a democratic society…It is in fact totalitarianism. I find this is very scary stuff.”

    (BC Report Newsmagazine, January 11, 1999)
    For more than twenty years, in this column and

    elsewhere, I have been writing against the human rights commissions, which have quasi-legal powers that should be offensive to the citizens of any free country. They are kangaroo courts, in which the defendant’s right to due process is withdrawn. They reach judgements on the basis of no fixed law. M oreover, “the process is the punishment” in these star chambers — for simply by agreeing to hear a case, they tie up the defendant in bureaucracy and paperwork, and bleed him for the cost of lawyers, while the person who brings the complaint, however frivolous, stands to lose nothing.

    Ottawa Citizen – December 9, 2007

    Human rights commissions are obsolete bodies whose moment has passed. That they can be exploited by a narrow lobby seeking to impose its doctrine upon other Canadians is a serious problem.

    Calgary Herald – December 19, 2007

    there is plenty of prima facie evidence to suggest the “human rights” racket is systemically corrupt. I will cite only the most obvious example: In the three decades of its existence, no defendant dragged before the Canadian Human Rights Commission under a Section XIII complaint has ever been acquitted. A “court” that only reaches the same verdict is not the most reassuring example of justice’s blindness.

    M ark Steyn – January 2, 2008

  5. Marshall said:

    In late 2008 the Freedom of Speech Mandate came under review and was modified. We have no rights. Canada is socialist and will become worse. Laws are grey and subjectively interpreted as needed by the government and cannot be questioned by the people.

  6. John said:

    I agree but wit a slight update

    Canada is socialist and is now even worse. Laws are grey and subjectively interpreted as needed by the government and cannot be questioned by the people. Thoughts are now crimes, truth is disgarded. the same laws do not apply to everybody evenly. And to some groups does not apply at all. If you are accused of being (example ) of being a witch you are basically tarred and feathered. Just like the middle ages. Or Sent to prison to appease the special interest groups by a trumped up law with no basis.

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