DemoCampMontreal3 on Tuesday July 24th

DemoCampMontreal3 has been scheduled for next Tuesday June 26th. My life has pretty much been taken over by but I’ll be there…

Note: I’m not actually instigating this particular edition of DemoCamp because I’ve been swamped by Standout Jobs lately… But I’ll be back at the organizing table soon enough! :)

Edit (Jun 22 2007) : It seems that DemoCampMontreal3 has been moved to Thursday July 26th. Actually this is not a bad idea, to make sure we have the time to get the word out and continue to draw a good crowd to the event.

Edit (Jul 5 2007): I just got word from Simon Law that the SAT has requested a change in the date, so now DemoCampMontreal3 is Tuesday July 24th.

  1. heri said:

    i don’t get it, you are saying june 26th, at the wiki, it’s july 26th.

    I said june 26th because I saw it first mentionned at who announced it for next week.

  2. Fred said:

    When I posted about it the wiki did say June 26th. I guess it’s been moved.

  3. heri said:

    Evan Prdromou changed it to Thursday July 26th. (i saw it in recentchanges). did the SAT moved it? is this definitive?

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