Readers of this blog no doubt also read other Montreal Tech Community blogs and will already have been reminded that DemoCampMontreal3 is tonight. Still, it would be remiss of me not to also chime in; so here goes:

DemoCamp Montréal 3
Tuesday, 24 July 2007
18:30 – 20:30
Societé des arts technologiques
1195 boul. St-Laurent
Free admission

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I’ll be there, along with the StandoutBoys, so see you there!

DemoCampMontreal3 has been scheduled for next Tuesday June 26th. My life has pretty much been taken over by but I’ll be there…

Note: I’m not actually instigating this particular edition of DemoCamp because I’ve been swamped by Standout Jobs lately… But I’ll be back at the organizing table soon enough! :)

Edit (Jun 22 2007) : It seems that DemoCampMontreal3 has been moved to Thursday July 26th. Actually this is not a bad idea, to make sure we have the time to get the word out and continue to draw a good crowd to the event.

Edit (Jul 5 2007): I just got word from Simon Law that the SAT has requested a change in the date, so now DemoCampMontreal3 is Tuesday July 24th.

DemoCampMontreal2 this past Thursday was amazing. Over 100 people came out, and the presentations were just astounding. Great job to everybody who presented, volunteered, or spread the word! Let’s keep it up guys, and make BarCampMontreal2 the best yet.

Several people have written blog posts about DemoCampMontreal2, but again I really have to highlight Josh Nursing’s Report as the most comprehensive! Complete with videos of the presentations, you’ll feel like you were there.

Other wrap ups and thoughts about DemoCampMontreal2:

If you’ve written a wrap-up about DemoCampMontreal2, do let me know and I’ll send you some link love.

Evan Prodromou
Evan Prodromou
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I’d like to remind everybody that DemoCampMontreal2 will take place this Thursday, March 29th.

This DemoCamp promises to be quite exciting. Austin Hill has volunteered to be the MC, and other celebrities might be sighted on Thursday, including Patrick Lor, founder of

Another exciting development for DemoCampMontreal2 — The bar at the SAT will be open, for all of you thirsty for a drink after a hard day’s work!

I was supposed to present my Top Secret Project but unfortunately have to put off the demo… However, Anand Agarawala from Toronto will be taking my place and demoing BumpTop in what is sure to be an exciting presentation.

The scheduled demos for DemoCampMontreal2:

See everybody on Thursday! (As usual, all details are on the BarCamp Wiki.)

(For those of you who are volunteer-minded: I could use a couple of helpers so please email me at fredngo at gmail if you can come early to help out.)

The scheduling saga continues… DemoCampMontreal2 is back on the original date of Thursday March 29th. This change is again at the request of the SAT, who are having trouble nailing down their event schedule due to external factors… Anyway, I thought I’d be nice and help them achieve maximum efficiency for their space, so we’re back on March 29th.

I am sorry to bother you with this but i need to check if we can switch back to the original date for March (29). The producer that specifically asked for March 29 when i had originally offered the 28 need that date back now! I will understand if this is not feasible and it will be too bad for them but i thought i’d ask! :-/

— Email from SAT

I’ve edited the BarCamp wiki and with the revised date.

Marc Chriqui
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DemoCampMontreal1 has come and gone smoothly, thanks to all the volunteers including John Kopanas, Simon Law, Josh Nursing, Austin Hill, Laura Vizbara, and the S.A.T. crew.

DemoCampers have been uploading their pictures to Flickr, so here’s a convenient shortcut to all the pictures tagged with democampmontreal1.

A few write-ups about DemoCampMontreal1 have popped up; and here they are:

If you’ve written a recap of DemoCampMontreal1, please let me know and I’ll put it on this list.

We’re just getting started, guys… I can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in the next few months!