Well hello out there.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and a lot has changed since I last posted nearly two and a half years ago. For one, I no longer live in Montreal, and I am now a freelance Ruby-on-Rails consultant (or as Austin calls it, a “CTO-on-Demand”).

Accordingly this blog will probably be taking a slightly more technical bent than it used to.

If any of my old readers are still around, I’d love it if you said Hi in the comments!

Talent Tech announces acquisition of Standout Jobs

I’m coming out of blogging hiatus to provide an update on the Standout Jobs acquisition, which I wrote about a few months ago. At that time we could not yet name the acquirer. Today, the veil has been lifted — Talent Technology has announced its acquisition of Standout Jobs. (As an aside, ERE broke the news first, I think!)

As for me, I’ve been working with Talent Tech in Vancouver for quite a few months now and will soon be completing my mandate as the former CTO of Standout Jobs. It’s been a great experience working with the Talent Tech team and I truly wish them the best. They will take care of Standout Jobs well and I feel confident handing over the reins to them.

In the new year I should have some news about my next set of adventures, but for now I will again go into a blogging hiatus. So if you’d like to keep in touch please follow me on Twitter (@fredngo)!

It’s been a long journey since Ben, Austin, and I started Standout Jobs — unbelievably it’s already been three and a half years. But today, we’re happy to announce that Standout Jobs has been acquired.

Ben has already written up a nice post about it, so please go ahead and read about the details there.

It is unfortunate that we cannot name the acquirer at this time. However, I am very excited about their plans for the product, and I have already been working with the acquirers for some time transitioning the product. I will be sure to post an update when the acquirer is ready to go public.

I’d like to recognize everyone who has been involved in the Standout Jobs project from start to finish — we had the most amazing team I’ve ever worked with and I know that everyone will go on to continue to do great things. So, shout outs go to Ben Yoskovitz, Austin Hill, Marc-Andre Cournoyer, Daniel Haran, Gary Haran, Francis Wu, Thanh Vinh Tang, Martin Aumont, Alain Wong, Natasha Duchene, Yezin al-Qaysi, Steve McNair, Alexandra Rimmington, as well as our lead investors iNovia Capital and Montreal Start Up.

I started this blog with the idea of documenting this journey. Unfortunately, at least for me, it seems we spent so much time working that little energy was left to document it. The other strange thing is that we were very often prevented from discussing details of goings-on, which I suppose is to be expected in the business world. Still, we will all carry the memories of this adventure with us forever.

And so, fittingly, this blog will end here for now, until I go on to my next set of adventures. Until then, please follow me on Twitter (@fredngo) if you’d like to keep in touch.

Montreal's Sexiest Geeks of 2007

Wow! This is an absolute riot. I’ve been nominated by the Montreal Gazette as one of Montreal’s Sexiest Geeks of 2007!

The competition is pretty stiff, including my good friend Casey McKinnon who has included me in the fun that is Galacticast, and the admittedly uber-sexy Jade Raymond.

Still, I’m for certain the alpha-geek on the roster, since I’m probably the only person who codes on that list!

(OK, OK, Jade is a coder too: she has a Bachlor’s degree in Computer Science from McGill. But she probably doesn’t code anymore these days since she’s now a “game producer”. ;-) )

So vote for me! I’ll reduce taxes! ;-)

Fred at the Standout Jobs Office

Actually I’m just in today’s Gazette, on the front page of the business section. Not quite as viral as an Apple Commercial but close. ;-)

The subject is online recruiting (of course), specifically recruiting using social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and online classifieds like Craigslist.

Montreal entrepreneur Fred Ngo, co-founder and chief technical officer of Standout Jobs, doesn’t profess the same enthusiasm for Facebook, preferring LinkedIn, a social network made for professional contacts.

But for his hiring needs, the free classified site Craigslist has proven much more effective.

“We put up a job ad on Craigslist and got applications within an hour. We have several resumés now,” Ngo said.

He’s still waiting for someone to respond to the ad he placed on Facebook, but he’s not ready to disavow it just yet. He still sees the benefit of announcing a job though his network of friends in a way that’s easy to pass on.

“Your friends know someone who knows someone who’s looking for a job,” he said.

And going directly to a candidate addresses a major shortcoming of job boards like Craigslist and The most skilled people are usually not looking for work. They’re already hired somewhere.

“And for the candidate, it feels better when someone reaches out to you rather than through some ad,” he said.

Click through to read the whole article.

I’d like to interrupt my blogging haitus to bring you this special message:

Some time ago I noticed that Gmail was soliciting fan video submissions for a promotional video they were putting together. I thought it would be hilarous for Cat’s Corner to submit a shot of the Gmail envelope being passed around a Swingout, and so we did it.

Well, it turns out that over 1100 fan clips were submitted, from 65 countries… Pretty small odds to be selected for the final cut!

But fast forward to today: Our submission made it onto the final cut, AND it was selected for the Thumbnail image! Amazing! I’m so proud… *sniff* Alain and Ann are now worldwide celebrities! :)

Thanks for putting it together, guys.

Edit Thurs. August 30th: It looks like they changed the thumbnail image today. Oh well, at least we had 24 hours of fame. :)

Edit Fri. August 31st: The original thumbnail pic is back! Wonder what the gmail video folks are up to?

Apparently Canadian citizens do not enjoy freedom of speech protection. An article in the Globe and Mail today explores various recent lawsuits that have been brought against Canadian bloggers, including Montreal’s Chris “Zeke” Hand. It says:

While third parties are protected from such suits in the United States by the Communications Decency Act, Canada has no such protection, he says, and that raises “a significant threat of ‘libel chill.'”

This is very concerning; I and probably many others have been living under the false impression that Freedom of Speech is an integral part of our lives… Is it all a lie? Why do we not enjoy Freedom of Speech in Canada?

Heri from Montreal Tech Watch goes into an in-depth analysis of the issue in his blog post today. This is recommended reading for any blogger.