Hello friends!

This holiday season I am helping out our BarCampMontreal friends Austin Hill and Ben Yoskovitz with a brand new project:

What is The idea is simple; we are trying to raise 1 Million dollars for charity. For every wish you make, $1 will be donated to charity. The goal is to raise a total of $1 Million!

So far, 167 wishes… And $4205 has already been pledged, so we’re already more than 4000 wishes behind! :)

How can you help?

  1. Digg it. This is very important to get more people involved, as highly dugg websites attract a ton of traffic. Just click on the digg button to digg it!
  2. Make a wish at to get another $1 donated.
  3. Blog about it and get the word out! A great thing to help with this holiday season.

Will this work? Heck yeah! I mean, if the Million Dollar Home Page worked, this will definitely work!

So, as a personal favour to me… Please 1) digg it, 2) make a wish, 3) blog about, and if you are feeling generous, 4) donate to a charity and pledge the funds to!

Happy holidays!

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