I’d like to interrupt my blogging haitus to bring you this special message:

Some time ago I noticed that Gmail was soliciting fan video submissions for a promotional video they were putting together. I thought it would be hilarous for Cat’s Corner to submit a shot of the Gmail envelope being passed around a Swingout, and so we did it.

Well, it turns out that over 1100 fan clips were submitted, from 65 countries… Pretty small odds to be selected for the final cut!

But fast forward to today: Our submission made it onto the final cut, AND it was selected for the Thumbnail image! Amazing! I’m so proud… *sniff* Alain and Ann are now worldwide celebrities! :)

Thanks for putting it together, guys.

Edit Thurs. August 30th: It looks like they changed the thumbnail image today. Oh well, at least we had 24 hours of fame. :)

Edit Fri. August 31st: The original thumbnail pic is back! Wonder what the gmail video folks are up to?

There comes a time in the life of a Startup Founder where he has to do things to gain notoriety for his startup.

Things that may be unconventional. Things that might raise eyebrows. Things that he might want to hide.

But since I’m involved in Internet Video, I can’t hide anything. So I might as well as let it all out.

So I present… “Found”, the latest episode of Galacticast. (Or it would have been the latest episode had I been able to publish this post on time, haha.) This time I actually have 3 roles, and speaking ones at that. Whatever possessed Rudy and Casey to cast me in 3 roles, I have no idea. ;-) So without further ado, enjoy!

Here’s the YouTube version, but the quality is not so great so I’d recommend you watch the higher quality version on the Galacticast website.

Check it out, I’m in this week’s Galacticast! Galacticast is an award-winning weekly comedy/parody show based in Montreal, produced by Rudy Jachan and Casey McKinnon. Just plain awesome.

Here’s the YouTube version, but the quality is not so great so I’d recommend you watch the higher quality version on the Galacticast website.

OK, so this is not tech-related, but the show is produced by Montreal Tech Community members… and besides, I’m in it. So there. ;-)

In the spirit of Akoha‘s Python Wranger video, I too am going to give video recruiting a try… Many of you might not know I’m the founder of Cat’s Corner, one of the most beloved dance schools in Montreal, and we’re hiring. So here we are, a video job ad for our open Studio Manager position:

Making this video was fun and easy. Etienne from E Motion Productions came to our studio and went right to work, shooting all the raw dancing footage in about one hour. The shooting for the talking parts of the video took another two hours, for a total of about three hours of shooting time. After all the raw footage was taken, it took Etienne a total of about two days to do all the editing and voila; magic!

I was concerned at the beginning about how much effort it might take from my already overloaded staff to produce the video, but it turned out to be minimal when you have the help of a professional videographer. Besides, it was fun for everybody involved! I do hope in the video we’ve shown that we’re a fun bunch of people to work with.

I’d love to hear your comments so please comment below… and please let your friends know if you think they might be a good fit for this position.

The full job description follows (also available on the Cat’s Corner website in English and en Français).

Cat’s Corner is hiring a Studio Manager!

We are looking for candidates for the Studio Manager position which will be available in the coming weeks. This is a well paying job for which the schedule is flexible and requires about 30 hours of work a week.

Here are the qualities we are looking for in our candidates:

  • Excellent spoken French and English.
  • Excellent written French and English.
  • Extremely organized and responsible, with an attention to detail.
  • Experience in customer service is an asset.
  • Experience organizing events is an asset.
  • Available to work some evenings during the week.
  • Computer skills including Word, Excel, Illustrator, and excellent Internet research skills.

The main responsibilities are:

  • Customer service and public relations.
  • Course management.
  • Studio rentals management.
  • Studio schedule management (practices, courses, rentals, etc.).
  • Daily administrative tasks of the studio.
  • Maintenance of the studio.
  • Communication of all information to Cat’s Corner’s staff members.

If you are interested in the job, please forward us your resume and a cover letter.

Cat’s Corner
486 St. Catherine W. #303
Montreal, QC
H3B 1A6

Cat’s Corner recherche un gérant de studio

Nous sommes présentement à la recherche de candidat(e)s pour le poste de gérant(e) de studio qui sera disponible dans les semaines à venir. L’horaire est flexible, requiert environ 30 heures par semaine et est bien rémunéré.
Voici les qualités que nous recherhons chez un(e) candidat(e) :

  • Excellent français et anglais, oral et écrit.
  • Très bien organisé, responsable et minutieux.
  • De l’expérience avec le service à la clientèle est un atout.
  • De l’expérience à organiser des événements est un atout.
  • Disponible pour travailler certains soirs en semaine.
  • Possède des habilités informatiques incluant Word, Excel, et apte à faire des recherches efficaces sur l’internet.

Les principales responsabilités sont :

  • Le service à la clientèle et les relations publiques.
  • La gestion des cours à chacune des sessions.
  • La gestion des locations du studio.
  • La gestion de l’horaire du studio (pratiques, cours, locations, etc.).
  • Les tâches administratives quotidiennes du studio.
  • L’entretien du studio.
  • La communication des informations aux membres de l’équipe de Cat’s Corner.

Si vous êtes intéressé(e) par l’emploi, veuillez nous faire parvenir votre CV ainsi qu’une lettre de présentation.

Cat’s Corner
486 Ste-Catherine O. #303
Montréal, QC
H3B 1A6