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Well hello out there.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and a lot has changed since I last posted nearly two and a half years ago. For one, I no longer live in Montreal, and I am now a freelance Ruby-on-Rails consultant (or as Austin calls it, a “CTO-on-Demand”).

Accordingly this blog will probably be taking a slightly more technical bent than it used to.

If any of my old readers are still around, I’d love it if you said Hi in the comments!


I’ve been ridiculously remiss in blogging and tech-activity organization these days. I have no defense other than to say that at this moment, the best contribution I can make to the Montreal tech community is to ensure that Standout Jobs becomes a success; so all of my energies (and more) are going there.

However, compared to just one year ago, the community has come very far indeed. Just take a look at all the tech events that are happening this week in Montreal:

This reminds me of all the activity that goes on in Silicon Valley, where there are events like this every day of the week. This tells me that Montreal is really approaching Silicon Island every day.

Now, the only thing left is for a few of the most promising startups in Montreal to make big splashes, and we’ll be there!

And so, gentlemen, as they say in my native tongue, 加油!

(To keep up with upcoming Tech Events, be sure to check the events list posted on Montreal Tech Watch)