(Really old Bio, to be updated soon. -4/25/2013)

I am your host, Fred Ngo, an entrepreneur living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am currently the CTO of Standout Jobs, a startup I founded along with Ben Yoskovitz and Austin Hill in February of 2007.

My previous entrepreneurial experiences include founding Cat’s Corner, a swing dance school/club in Montreal, as well as non-commercial organizations such as the Toronto Area Sushi Society and several student societies at various universities.

My current interest is in high-tech entrepreneurship, having been inspired by the writings of Paul Graham, Joel Spolsky, Eric Sink, Guy Kawasaki, and the like. However, is it possible to found a cool and exciting, yet successful, high-tech company in a city known more for its cultural talent than high-tech talent? That’s what this blog is all about.

Previous to contracting startup fever, I worked for six years as an ASIC/microchip design engineer at Matrox. I also started a Master’s degree in Computer Science at McGill University but at this time I do not intend to complete it. Starting a company is a heck of a lot more fun and I am learning just as much, if not more.

I am originally from Toronto, where I attended the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Engineering in the Engineering Science program.

My personal blog can be found over at LiveJournal.

  1. Casey said:

    Wow, you’re the founder of Cat’s Corner? Gees… I took erotic dance classes there a couple of years ago!

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