(Really old description, to be updated soon. -4/25/2013)

This blog will chronicle my adventures in high-tech entrepreneurship in Montreal.

Being a high-tech entrepreneur in Montreal implies several unique challenges. I hope to examine some of them here. Particularly difficult are language issues, searching for talent who “get it” in a city known more as a cultural mecca rather than a high-tech mecca, and the lack of a young (at least in spirit!), adventurous, high-tech, geeky entrepreneurial community. The latter appears to be a prerequisite for the incubation and development of cutting-edge ideas; for example, those that spawn Web 2.0 companies.

The name “Silicon Island” comes from the fine tradition of naming high-tech regions after the original Silicon Valley (see the wikipedia pages on Silicon Alley, Silicon Forest, Silicon Corridor, Silicon Valley North, etc.). And the island part? Simple: Montreal is a city situated on an island.

Now, my personal feeling is that Montreal does not yet deserve that name, but this blog is one small step towards making Silicon Island a reality!

  1. Brian Go said:

    Definitely. I have been pondering bolting to greener pasteurs but Sflaw has convinced me otherwise for the time being. We should definitely get together and hash out some ideas.

  2. Awesome, much needed! Consider me signed on to make this a reality.

  3. Great! Please be sure to introduce yourself when you meet me at the next *Camp!

  4. Jose said:

    i consider Montreal is at a high level into the IT area

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